Birthday Balloons Party Bow

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This festive birthday party bow is created with 5 different wire edge ribbons. The party bow is highlighted with a balloon printed ribbon that had 4 color coordinating ribbons

Bow Details:
30 loops of ribbon → 5 different ribbons.
Each bow also has 10 tails of the ribbon in the bow.

Bow Size:  Each bow measures 11" x 25" (tail lengths are 19" long)

Seasonal Holiday and Christmas Bows are finished on the back and shipped to you with both a chenille wire stem and elastic stretch so you either hang or attach the bow to your desired location.

Back of bow for seasonal holida and Christmas Bows

Outdoor Weatherproof Bows

These bows are finished with a metallic wired braid so that they can be attached to your decor

Christmas Tree Topper and Round Wreath Bows have 2 options for attachment .  A wire chenille stem or  velcro band (this is the recommended method to attach the bow to a holiday tree)

Example of Velcro band attachment →

Christmas Tree Topper Bow -Back of bow attachment option

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