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Dress Up That Aisle With Wedding Pew Bows

June 02, 2016

Dress Up That Aisle With Wedding Pew Bows

Searching for ideas on how to decorate the path to the altar? If you’re stuck, let me offer some inspiration! For a quick and easy way to add style to your ceremony entrance, select your favorite wedding bows to use as church pew decorations. Church weddings are beautiful and classic, but there’s no reason to skip the wedding aisle decorations simply because the location is gorgeous on its own. Bows are a tasteful and timeless addition to any wedding ceremony setting. Pews are the perfect place to showcase them.

Wedding bows lend a budget friendly style boost to any theme wedding. They can carry your color or design scheme into the ceremony. Simpler than flowers, bows are convenient to apply and don’t require care or second thought! Also, they are less expensive than custom floral arrangements. Pew bows can be set up in advance, and re used afterwards for other events or occasions. You might even assign a few members of the bridal party to transfer the bows to your reception location once the ceremony is over. This way you start repurposing right away, and can enjoy your bows even longer!

Beautify your church wedding ceremony with my chic bows and make your special day even more extraordinary!

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